6 Facts That Will Boost Your Chicago Pride

6 Facts That Will Boost Your Chicago Pride

Photo Credit: Chloe Anderson

The 3rd largest city in the United States is home to a few surprises. I’ve always felt that Chicago was special, but here’s some facts that will have you convinced as to why this city truly is the best.

  1. Outside of the Louvre in Paris, The Art Institute of Chicago houses the largest collection of Impressionist paintings. I have yet to visit The Art Institute myself, but it’s at the top of my Chicago Bucket List
  2. In 1893, the Ferris wheel was invented in Chicago. Navy Pier’s iconic Ferris wheel is right at home.
  3. Deep-dish pizza was in fact invented in Chicago. Making it practically wrong to come visit and not enjoy one for yourself.
  4.  There are 4 states visible from the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower. The brave souls who go up to the top can see Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  5.  The 4 red stars of Chicago’s flag represent Fort Dearborn,  the Chicago fire, the World’s Columbian Exposition, and the Century of Progress Exposition. The six points of these stars represent important virtues or concepts. I’m glad to know it’s more than just a pretty design.
  6. The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the last free zoos in the world. A bear cub bought for $10 in 1874 was the first animal to call the zoo home.

Cool, right? Check out the BuzzFeed article by Lara Parker to learn 44 more facts about the city. Because there’s more to the Windy City than Michigan Avenue and a breeze–the nickname “The Windy City” is actually thanks to “long-winded politicians”, not the weather. Chicago is certainly a city to be proud of. I’m grateful that Loyola calls it home.

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