A Christmas Poem for LUC

A Christmas Poem for LUC

On Christmas Day our campus was quiet,
all of the Ramblers back in their hometowns.
Mom’s cooking for a month–say goodbye to your diet.
Winter break is far from a let down,
who doesn’t love catching up with family and friends?
Frankly, it becomes exhausting.
Some of us will be sad when break ends,
But when we return we won’t stop talking.

The Jesuits will have a Christmas celebration.
Surely Sister Jean will come and spread cheer,
if of course she ever takes a vacation.
It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the year.
Come 2015 all the Ramblers will be rejuvenated,
ready for new professors and new classes–
We’ll see how much more knowledge can be accumulated,
and who will stand out among the masses.

Soon students will make their way back to the lake shore,
all their presents in tow.
We’ll gather in Gentille to watch the Ramblers score,
cheering for those points to grow.
I’ll bet there’s been some Christmas wishin’
for a winning season all around.
Our boys and girls are on a mission,
to bring home the victor’s crown.

So from one rambler to the rest, I hope this Christmas was the best one yet!



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