Scholarship Search Tips

Scholarship Search Tips


It’s never too soon to start searching for scholarships. Whether you already have your acceptance letter or if you’re still working on completing that application (which you should try to do as soon as possible!), there are plenty of ways for you to begin your scholarship search process.

How to get started with YOUR scholarship search (you should be searching, not your parents; this is your college application process, not their’s) –

1. Check your applicant status page regularly for scholarship opportunities we know you’re a good fit for.

2. Search for¬†“Out-of-the-Box” Scholarships.

3. Look for outside scholarship opportunities.

4. Talk to your high school counselors about local or community scholarship options.

5. Have your parents inquire with their companies/employers to see if they offer any type of scholarships.

6. Search online (there are so many websites like FastWeb & and on Social Media.


Good Luck & Happy Holidays from the Undergraduate Admission Office!


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