Loyola’s Little Winter Wonderland

Loyola’s Little Winter Wonderland


Christmas is coming up and here at Loyola, we have shown our holiday spirit in the most festive and decorative way. At every corner you turn (outside on campus), you will see gorgeous evergreen garland wrapped around each light post with a bright red bow to top it off, lights on trees, lights of red and green that shine upon the buildings at night, and so much more. Personally, I believe that the Damen Student Center is the most decorated- there is a colossal Christmas tree that reaches to the ceiling, there are wreaths at entrances, garlands with lights alongside the stair rails, and to top it all, there is Christmas music put on. It is breathtaking and so beautiful to see the decorations; it puts students into the holiday spirit and gives them a little bit of hope and happiness to push through their last couple of weeks of classes of the year.

This week, Loyola will use the food court area in the center of Damen to build up a ice-skating rink for students to enjoy. When I first heard about a ice rink, I was shocked (but I am not complaining about it!). Loyola still knows how to surprise and impress me with that they can do. Besides the winter wonderland in Damen, there is an interesting nativity scene in front of the Mundelien building. It is not just a stable with the figures; other figures like the three kings and donkeys are all scattered on the grassy area near Mundelien (toward the lake). I am interested to see that else what other figures will pop up on campus and will visit that area often.

All in all, I am happy that Loyola has done so much decorating! It changes things up for students. Now they are able to glimpse at something new and different and embrace the one amazing holiday that only comes once a year and with that, comes a month-long break!

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