Loyola’s Twist on TED Talks

Loyola’s Twist on TED Talks

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In my free time, I enjoy watching inspirational and educational TED talks online. So, if you’re in the mood for intellectual inspiration, you’ll want to check out our very own university’s version of TED talks, called IGGY Talks, organized by Loyola’s National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), an honorary organization that represents the top 1% of on-campus scholars and leaders who share the Jesuit values of Loyola. NRHH “strives to improve the campus community by recognizing outstanding individuals and achievements, collaborating with campus partners, and encouraging leadership development among the student body.”

IGGY talks, delivered by outstanding individuals of the Loyola community, comprise short speeches on the three pillars of NRHH: leadership, service, and scholarship. The first IGGY talk of this school year featured our very own Student Body President, Flavio Bravo, who discussed his leadership journey and the role that leadership has played in his everyday life. Did you know, he was his high school’s mascot, because he felt that the mascot was a leader in expressing school spirit?

Garrett, a Loyola Jesuit scholar, talked about his journey with service throughout his life. He shared humorous anecdotes about his experiences, explaining that service, for him, ranged from making sandwiches for others to going on a service trip to Latin America.

The third and final IGGY talk which, unfortunately, I was unable to attend, was presented by Professor Lewis in the Department of theology, who is said to be one of Loyola students’ favorite professors. He reflected on his personal journey down the path of scholarship and how is has shaped his life.

If you are as big of a fan of TED talks as I am, you definitely don’t want to miss the IGGY talks next year!


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