More Cupcake Truck

More Cupcake Truck

One of the most exciting things about the city of Chicago that I’ve noticed so far was the abundance of gourmet cupcakes! Cupcakes can be found everywhere around the city, even just outside the Loyola red line station every Thursday night! In this post, I will be talking about the cupcake truck from More Cupcakes that makes an appearance near Loyola’s campus every Thursday evening.

I first noticed the truck a few weeks back, and obviously had to see what it was all about! The company More Cupcakes runs the cupcake truck. They choose a few of their favorite cupcake flavors and sell them out of a truck/van that can travel to many different locations. Every Thursday evening, the truck makes an appearance just outside of the Loyola red line stop on Sheridan road, across from the Campion and Mertz residence halls! I tried a chocolate cupcake from the truck, and it was amazing! I would definitely visit the truck again, and plan to this upcoming Thursday!

I think the cupcake truck is a wonderful idea, for both the company and for Loyola students! The company benefits by getting the word out about their amazing cupcakes, and we students benefit by being able to purchase delicious cupcakes so close to campus!

Ultimately, the cupcake truck is an excellent treat Loyola students are lucky to have at our disposal every Thursday evening. If you love cupcakes, the truck is definitely one place you should consider stopping by at some point! ☺


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