Intramural Soccer

Intramural Soccer


I’ve always played varsity soccer during my high school career.  Even though, I would’ve loved to play for a D1, even a D2 school, I knew the time and dedication wouldn’t work out with the major I wanted to pursuit.

So, when I found out that there was an option to play intramural soccer without traveling (like club soccer), I knew I had to play.  You only need a team captain and enough players!  If you don’t have a team you can still sign up as a free lancer and they’ll make sure you have a team.

Even better, there’s flexibility about when and what time you want to play!  Overall, I have had a great experience playing coed intramural soccer these past few years.  I met great people and got to play the sport I’ve always loved!  I became very close with my team players and although they have graduated, we still remain in contact.

Intramural soccer is very laid back, it lasts about 4 weeks with the possibility of going to playoffs.  This is a great alternative if you want to stay fit and play for fun without wasting too much time traveling!

This semester’s intramural soccer sign up deadline has ended, but keep a look out for spring’s semester’s deadline!  Click the link to stay up to date.



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