Ramblin’ around Chicago

Ramblin’ around Chicago


To indulge myself in the complete Loyola experience, I decided to explore around campus and find three events that in some way related to my experience as a Loyola student. Much to my delight, Loyola provided several opportunities for me to go to, such as sporting events (I attended a men’s soccer game), a farmer’s market (which I actually sang at with my roommate), and make a class trip to one of the most amazing art galleries I’ve been to, (and trust me, I’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person, this was just as cool) available right here in Chicago: The Art Institute.

Out of all three events, the soccer game was probably my favorite experience, as you can tell how hard the athletes work to be able to have such a winning mentality on and off the field. I’m extremely unathletic (I’m actually scared of the gym) and to see what they are able to push their bodies to do is amazing and impressive.

The best thing about the game, however, was 100% the student section. It was both surprising and refreshing to see how into the game the students (and faculty) got. (Sister Jean even made an appearance, which warmed the hearts of athletes and students alike, what a gem.) So many people sported our school’s maroon and gold, and cheered as loudly as they could to help their peers gain a victory against the team from Dayton in Ohio.

It was great to see so many people from different fields of interest and other sports (track and field came out and were some of the loudest fans there, to my surprise) to come together and show that much school spirit for a team that they had no personal connection to, and that in and of itself has made me more excited to come to Loyola and be a Rambler.



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