Transitioning Into College

Transitioning Into College

As a freshman here at Loyola, I have only been in classes for a few weeks now. When I first arrived, of course, I was extremely nervous about what exactly college would entail for me. In addition to this nervous feeling, however, there was also a sense of grand excitement, for the next chapter of my life was just about to begin and I couldn’t have been more excited! Making the transition from high school to college is a feat, but once you get it, you’ve got it!

First things first, college is nothing like high school. That’s for sure. This is true for the basic reasons you will hear all throughout your transition from high school to college, but also in ways you might never have even imagined. For example, you will hear nonstop about how much more studying college requires. This is true, as I soon came to realize. For many kids, this may be a culture shock coming from high school. Of course studying is necessary in high school, but once you arrive to college, it becomes your whole world. Professors, advisers, and friends alike will tell you to put in at least two hours of studying outside of class for every one hour you are in class. This may seem like a lot at first, but you will find that taking this advice seriously will help ensure success.

Apart from the serious part of taking classes, your classes can also be fun! Classes are a great way to make new friends and form study groups. Also, professors are there to help you, not scare you. I myself was afraid of my professors on the first week of classes, simply because I have heard plenty of stories of how strict and serious they can be. I soon found that this was not true of most professors. They like to make their students feel as comfortable as they can with them and the course, and are ALWAYS willing to help if you do not understand something! A lot of professors like to erase tension in the room with funny stories or quirky facts that they think will help ease minds in the midst of a huge test or paper.

While of course the purpose of being at college is to learn and succeed, college is also an element of fun, as I learned almost immediately. If you are living in a residence hall, it is almost impossible to feel lonely, as there are always people constantly walking around and socializing. Building a community within your residence halls, classes, clubs and other organizations will result in a plethora of new friends and it will begin to seem like there is almost always something to do!

All in all, transitioning from high school to college can be difficult, but once you learn that there is nothing to fear, you are able to take it all in, find your place, and enjoy the next chapter beginning in your life. ☺

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