Care Package

Care Package

I received the greatest care package the other day from my family.  It was a bunch of random items, but strangely enough, it was all I ever wanted for Valentines day! Here’s a few of the things I received.

1.  Yum Yum Sauce.- Ok, if you’ve never had yum yum sauce, I insist you try it.  Unfortunately, I could not find any at Chicago grocery stores, hence why my mom sent me some from Cleveland.  Yum Yum Sauce is the sauce for steak, chicken and shrimp that the Hibachi restaurants use.  It’s sweet and tangy and the perfect condiment for all meats.  Try it!!!

2. Gossip magazines- I am a pop culture fanatic.  Lately, I’ve been getting all my pop culture news from stations such as E! or social media sites such as Twitter, so it was nice to get some nice, old fashioned (haha) magazines. (Don’t worry.. I read real books too!)

3. A huuuuge bag of chocolate chips- I’m definitely the chocolate chip culprit of my family.  When my mom wants to make chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate chips are almost always gone.. thanks to me.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to make chocolate chip cookies.. if I don’t eat them all first!

I also got a few random things, such as ritz crackers and coffee cups.  This was definitely one of my best care packages yet… all the necessities!  My family is the best.



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