Winter Break

Winter Break

Loyola is absolutely amazing for so many reasons. Reason #27 (roughly) of why Loyola is the best: they give us one full month of winter break! I remember as a freshman I had mixed feelings about this long hiatus from my new college friends, but as a busy, busy senior, this long break was exactly what I needed.

I would have to say the highlight of my break was seeing the love of my life, Justin Timberlake (yes, I am a crazy fangirl when it comes to him). He performed his 20/20 Experience tour in Cleveland the Thursday I got back. It was the perfect start to my break! He is a great performer and absolutely hilarious. The highlight of the show was when he sang happy birthday to a six year old in the audience!

The whole week of Christmas I was surrounded by family, specifically my 20 cousins. I always have the most fun with them, so I was grateful that everyone was able to come together. My parents did Christmas a little different this year. Instead of buying my siblings and I specific gifts, they gave us money and a night to shop at the mall. My mom was getting tired of us returning everything she bought us (sorry we’re picky, mom!) so she thought this was the best solution. It was fun shopping with my parents and siblings, but the best part was enjoying a nice family dinner afterwards at Maggiano’s.

The rest of my winter break was pretty low key. As you Chicagoans know, the -30 degree wind chill that lasted a few days was killer! It was so cold in Cleveland that our schools closed for four days! It was a nice extended break for the school age kids, and my mom, who is a teacher, but I was getting a little stir crazy being cooped up in my house. It was nice to relax and catch up on some television shows, though.

My ride back to Chicago was great… I had two of my best friends from home come back with me! My friend Anne goes to Miami of Ohio and was visiting for the weekend, and my friend Tiffany goes to Columbia College Chicago! We had a great weekend together, and it was the perfect ending to my winter break!

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