September’s Business Career Fair

September’s Business Career Fair

Only a week ago during work did I realize that I never wrote a blog about the Business Career Fair that I attended back at the end of September. Even though it was almost a month ago, I still think it is important that I write about it to emphasize the importance of going to these fairs.

I can truly say that this Career Fair was worth going to because whether it opens doors to job or internship opportunities or not, it is a necessary experience to get a small glance into what is to come in your near future. I met many different employers dealing with a range of different business occupations, collected a lot of pamphlets of information and passed out over half of my resumes. For several companies that grabbed my attention, I also managed to speak with a representative, which in a way felt like a miniature interview. I treated it as my first impression with the company and used it as practice for what I would say in a real interview.

Because I am an Information Systems major, the companies that had Information Systems in their target majors on RamblerLink were the ones I focused on approaching. These included WMS Gaming, Discover, Reyes Holdings, and Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. These four were some of my favorite companies that I spoke with and they caught my attention most. I got most in depth with these companies and they will be some of my top choices to research and apply to in the next month or so.

I was at the Career Fair for at least an hour and a half, which is about the perfect amount of time to attend and really get the most out of your visit. It should give you plenty of time to speak with several people, take a look at all the companies you want check out and hand out your resume to some of those companies.

As a side note, before going to the Career Fair, I made a note of all the companies that were related to my major so that I wasn’t walking around aimlessly; this helped incredibly when I was there because I knew exactly who I needed to talk to so I didn’t waste time talking to companies that had nothing to do with my major.

Overall, I really enjoyed going to the Career Fair because it gave me a good starting base for job-hunting, which I began a few days ago. I went onto RamblerLink and knew exactly who I wanted to look up first, something that wouldn’t have happened had I not attended the fair. I am now slowly beginning to apply to more and more places every day, and I’m glad the Career Fair gave me my kick-start.

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