Lost in Tech Week

Lost in Tech Week

Another day, another tech week post-but that’s the life of a theatre major.

As I said before, I am currently playing Jay in Loyola’s production of Lost in Yonkers , which opens this Friday! I spent the weekend in the Newhart Family Theatre preparing. The last time I wrote about tech rehearsals, I was on wardrobe crew for Loyola’s production of Urinetown.

Being onstage is very different, especially in this production. Because there are very few instances in which I leave the stage, me and Kaitlyn (the senior playing my little brother) are responsible for most of the scene transitions, which have to as quick as possible. There are some moments where I have to change costumes on stage, then move set pieces around. This makes the process even more challenging, because not only do we have to worry about the artistic process of performing, but the technical aspect of making the show happen. Luckily, we spent much of the weekend’s rehearsals practicing the transitions themselves, and I feel very prepared.

This weekend reminded me of how lucky I am to be a part of our theatre department. I am so impressed with my cast members, who have really made the experience the best with not only their talent but also the fact that they are genuinely fun people to be around. And our faculty constantly amazes me with their talent and experience. This production specifically highlights the abilities of our faculty designers, who have created an intricate, beautiful set with an amazing lighting design. Walking on to the stage in period costume makes it hard to believe I’m not actually in the Yonkers living room in 1942.

Whether you are interested in joining the theatre department or not, I encourage everyone to come see the show!

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