You Can Call Me MC

You Can Call Me MC

As a newcomer to the Loyola blog-isphere, I figured it was a good idea to start with a short introduction.  So here it is – a brief glimpse into my life at Loyola!

I am currently a senior majoring in English and Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Sociology.  Being a double major is no walk in the park, but having an interest in what I am studying certainly makes the homework load seem much more bearable.  I am on track with graduate in May 2014, and I am looking to go law school soon after.

Over my three years at Loyola, I have increasingly involved myself in things outside the classroom.  One of my true passions in life is people, and doing what I can to serve others.  Recognizing my role as a member of my Loyola community, but also a citizen of the larger global community, has given me a determination to give back.  On campus, I am on the leadership board of UNICEF and Loyola 4 Chicago.  I am also part of the planning team of an annual non-profit event called Christmas on Campus that serves the children in urban areas of Chicago that might not have a traditional Christmas experience.  Service and social justice have become very important to me, and Loyola is great at supporting those interests.

When I’m not on campus, I am taking advantage of life in the Windy City!  There are so many things to do, and sometimes it seems like four years is just not enough time to do them all.  I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, so I came into college with the impression that I was somewhat adjusted to life in a city.  The two cities could not be more different.  My favorite part of Chicago is that there are always people to meet, places to be, and things to do.  While Cleveland has a special place in my heart, Chicago is certainly my home away from home.

I’m looking forward to living it up in my last year at Loyola.  So throughout my senior year, I’ll be recording all my Chicago adventures in this blog!  Enjoy!

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