Spring Break: So Close, and Yet So Far Away

Spring Break: So Close, and Yet So Far Away

Spring Break is next week! Of course, that means that every professor in the university has decided to schedule whatever exams, papers and tests they could fit into the last few days before freedom. I conquered an Intro to Computer Science exam on Tuesday, but I might not be so lucky with my Honors Seminar exam coming up on Friday. I’ve got to become an expert on Shakespeare, Moliere, Descartes and Machiavelli within the next 24 hours. Unfortunately for me, studying is still a skill I haven’t mastered. My trips to the IC usually consist of an hour of Facebook browsing for every hour of work, so wish me luck!

In the midst of studying/failing to study, class, and rehearsal, I was lucky enough to see Loyola’s Mainstage production of the comedy Tartuffe at the Newhart on Sunday! I was beyond impressed with the cast of the show. Anyone familiar with the play knows that it is written entirely in rhyming couplets. Trying to portray a character truthfully and naturally can be difficult when speaking in rhymes, but the cast handled the language very well. The show is hilarious and I’d recommend it-it still runs for one more weekend!

On another note, I’m thrilled and relieved that the housing process for my sophomore year is complete-and I got into Georgetown! I’m so excited for next year to live with four of my best friends in a killer building. It seems so odd to me to talk about sophomore year already, because it feels like just yesterday I made the big move to the city, knowing no one here. The year has really zoomed by-and I wouldn’t mind if it slowed down just a little.

After I survive the next two days, I’ll be back on the Megabus (or as I call it, the StruggleBus) to the Nati (Cincinnati)! I haven’t seen my family since winter break, so I’m ready to be back home and relax a little. When I get back, Frankenstein goes into tech rehearsals so I’ll need the rest!


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