Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset

It feels like forever since I’ve last seen a sunrise or a sunset. I’m either in class or somewhere indoors when the sun sets, or it’s cloudy outside, or the skyscrapers of Chicago cover the radiant sky. So I decided, for those people who agree with me, to post some photographs, both new and old, of some sunrises and sunsets taken by me in the Chicago area as a reminder that they do still exist.

I took this photo back in the day when I was still in high school, when I was waiting for the bus one Winter morning.

This is one of my favorites, taken in the early morning after my high school graduation at Glencoe Beach, where my whole graduating class was meeting the start of a new beginning for all of us.

This is a recent sunset photo taken over this past Winter Break from the window of the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

This sunrise photograph was taken in the suburbs of Chicago.

This photo was taken when I went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens near my home in the suburbs.


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