Halloween Numero Dos

Halloween Numero Dos

Happy Halloween!! Or late Halloween that is 🙂

I had a great Halloween! I was bummed because on Wednesday I had to stay in the library and prepare for a presentation I had today and was unable to dress up and partake in any Halloween festivities. I did get to celebrate last weekend though!

I dressed up both Friday and Saturday. Friday, as I mentioned in my last post, I was Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. On Saturday I dressed up as my roommate Mary Whitmore. Mary is a Loyola Cross Country runner so I wore an old jersey and put on some running shoes. I chose this outfit because on Saturday the Cross Country team had their conference meet and kicked butt! (More on their meet to come).

Check out our pictures, we had so much fun!

Me as a Loyola Cross Country runner and my roommate as an angel.
Our Peter Pan crew! From left to right: Back: Shadow, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tiger Lily (me), Front: Lost Boy, Captan Hook
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