Game of Change

Game of Change

While I usually talk about what is going on at Loyola and ways of improving your Loyola experience, this time I would like to address a more important topic. Loyola prides itself on diversity and in 1963 we proved to the world that we live up to our words.

50 years ago Loyola University became the first team to start 4 African-Americans on its starting line up for NCAA Men’s Basketball, many people had problems with the act but few responded.

The team started the year ranked 3rd in the nation and went on to remain undefeated at home and made it to the NCAA Tournament. It was what happened here that has forever changed the sport of basketball.

The Ramblers started their push with a record setting victory over Tennessee Tech winning 111-42 in the first round of the tournament. This still remains the largest margin of victory in any NCAA D1 game.

They then were scheduled to face the Mississippi State Bulldogs in the Sweet Sixteen. Due to the fact that we had African-American starters the Governor of Mississippi bared the team from leaving the state and refused to allow them to play us. After much debate the team was snuck out of the state to play and Loyola eventually ended up winning what is now know as the Game of Change.

That year not only did our Loyola Ramblers changed basketball and we must thank the Bulldogs for helping us in our endeavor of changing the game but we went on to win the National Championship and showed the world what it means to be Rambler Proud.

Being the 50th Anniversary of that year this year has much in store with a fully rebuilt team and program ready to strike at the Nation once again.

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