It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s That Time of Year Again

August is coming to an end. The warmth that has enveloped Chicago the last couple months will flee and we will return those cold winters the city is famous for. While summer turning to fall means colder weather, it also means travel season is approaching for admission counselors around the world.

Travel season is when admission counselors leave their offices and pound the pavement around the country. Much like Santa Clause, we spread joy and merriment wherever we go. Well, sorta. We talk to excited students and share wonderful words about our respective universities or colleges. It’s a great time of the year. It’s always nice to see different areas of the country and talk to perspective students about school.

This year will be my second travel season. I’m looking forward to spending time in my main travel territories of Cincinnati and Columbus. I’ll be visiting some new schools and attending new fairs that I’ll mix with some the same stops I had last year. My full travel schedule will be on our Undergraduate site shortly. I know you all wait with bated breath until then.

In addition to my travel in Ohio, I’ll also be venturing someone where new. Well, kind of new.

CA's capital

Early in October, I’ll be heading back home to Sacramento for a round of college fairs and high school visits. Loyola’s admission counselor responsible for California will be doing visits elsewhere on the west coast and asked me to cover for her. Boy, I’m glad she asked. It’ll be nice heading home for a short time. Sacramento’s falls tend to be pretty warm. It’ll be great going back to my high school, for the first time in some time.

While fall might signal the start of travel season it also means that a new round of students will start applying to Loyola. Loyola’s director of undergraduate admission, Lori Greene, posted some great tips for students applying this year.

I’ll be posting more before I hit the road. I’ll be sharing some of my tips and tricks for applying too.

See you soon class of 2017!

Photo From Flickr User: Franco Folini

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