Ready, Set, Go: The College Application Process Begins

Ready, Set, Go: The College Application Process Begins

It’s August of your senior year in high school. You just started school (or are likely to shortly) and the conversation is buzzing about what you did this summer and what colleges you will be applying to for next fall. Some of your friends may have already submitted college applications.

I wanted to take a minute to brief you on what is about to unfold.
First, I caution each of you, both prospective students and parents, to take a deep breath and realize this is a process. It takes time. You don’t have to know what you are going to major in or where you are going to go right this moment. Give the process a chance to work.

Next, I would advise you to get organized. If you don’t have a great calendar and/or planner tool, you might want to stop by the local bookstore or go online to get something that fits your needs. Take the time to establish a separate e-mail account for college information if you haven’t already done so.

It might be August, but for all intents and purposes the fall season is upon us. You will quickly realize that application deadlines are fast approaching and making sure you turn in all credentials (application, resume, essay, transcript, recommendation letter, etc.) on time is a must.

Quick Tips

  • Ensure you have an updated resume of activities, with anything you may have done this summer including a part-time or full-time job, research activity, volunteer work, immersion trip, etc.
  • If you haven’t already done so, start to identify some teachers who will be willing to write a letter on your behalf. Give them a copy of your updated resume along with your request for a letter of recommendation.
  • Take the time to brainstorm about possible essay topics and write your thoughts down, so when asked you have an idea of what you want to share.
  • Begin to refine your list of colleges and universities you may be applying to. Why are they on your list? Do they have your major? Are they located in an area/city you want to be in? Is the size right?
  • Keep a spreadsheet with names of schools you are interested in applying to with key deadlines for admission as well as scholarship and financial aid. Add a column for the date you submitted/mailed your credentials. (Parents, this is very helpful!)

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