Relay for Life = Circle of Life

Relay for Life = Circle of Life

Last Friday, Loyola hosted its annual Relay for Life event from 6 pm on Friday night until 5:30 am on Saturday morning.

I had to work until 11:30 pm, so I didn’t arrive until well after the festivities had started. However, the last 6 or so hours were still amazing!

I might have missed the Survivor Speech (which happened to be given by my friend Jessica), but I still got to experience many of the games and all of the themed laps.

Jessica, right before she gave her speech!

This year the themed laps included: purple, birthday, favorite scene from a movie, best Oscar speech, celebrity impression, tinsel town lap (with aluminum foil), and my favorite, musical song.

For that lap, my APO brothers and I did one of my favorite Disney songs, “Circle of Life,” complete with baby Simba being hoisted into the air by Rafiki. And, being that I’m the size of a small lion cub anyway, guess which lovely lady got the joy of playing the part?

That's right, me!

I would definitely say that living out a Disney movie through being lifted by “Rafiki” (none other than Andrew, in the picture above) while “Circle of Life” played in the background was one of the highlights of my entire life.

Not only that, but in Circle of Life, the community of Pride Rock shows support for Simba, just like the community of Loyola showed its support for cancer patients by staying up all night during Relay for Life.

Pictures from Relay for Life – Attributed to Lauren McKenna

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