One More Month

One More Month

While looking at my calendar, I saw that I had marked on this day, March 28th, “One month to go :(”.  I can’t believe I only have one month left here in Rome! Time has flown by and I have enjoyed every single minute of my time exploring Europe.

I will be very sad to leave here, as Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center has made a huge impact on my life.  Everyone told me that after this study abroad experience, I would be a whole new person.  I never believed it, but I am starting to see it.  This experience has bettered me and opened my eyes to many things I never knew existed.  I have learned a ton as well as made many new friends thanks to Loyola’s great sense of community at the JFRC.

Although I am sad to leave Europe, I am looking forward to coming home to my family and friends.  Here’s a few things I am excited about.

  1. My mom’s delicious meals: My mom makes the best dinners.  Not only do I miss the food, but I miss sitting with my parents, brother and sister around the dinner table (especially Sundays) all talking and laughing.
  2. My immediate family: As well as my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.  My family is extremely close.  I have 21 cousins and we hang out all the time, especially at my grandparent’s pool in the summer.  I particularly miss my little 2 year old cousin and beautiful godchild, Paylin!
  3. American food and restaurants/not having to pay for water: In Europe, wherever you go, you have to pay for water, and even bread.  I miss going to a restaurant, being able to drink water for free and eat unlimited bread.  Don’t get me wrong, the food here is AMAZING, but it gets a little pricey, and I’m a broke college student.
  4. American stores: European fashion is great and very stylish, but again, it is pricey, and I miss Forever 21 and Target!
  5. My friends: I have five best friends that mean more to me than anything.  We are all very close and have a ton of fun together in whatever we do.  They are the funniest girls I know. Here’s the two friends I’ve known the longest- second grade and then senior year!

It’s crazy that I have one more month here.  No matter how sad I get about leaving, I will be thankful to make it home to everything and everyone I miss!!

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