Preparing People to Make Extraordinary Pizza

Preparing People to Make Extraordinary Pizza

It is our new mission. Or, at least this is the mission of the Loyola Limited students who run the newly opened pizza place on campus, Felice’s.

It is Spring Break at Loyola this week but if you stopped into Felice’s on Tuesday, you wouldn’t have known it. The place was packed—and for good reason. The pizza is great. I stopped by for lunch with a colleague and we ordered a supreme roman style pizza. I like the sweetness of the sauce. The ingredients are fresh and crisp. The dough is made from scratch and you can taste the butter flavoring that makes it so delicious. Should I mention that they serve salads and soups too? Check out my slice for yourself. Felice's pizza!

If you want to see to see a gallery that shares more of what they make, LOOK HERE. I know. Now you are really hungry right?

The students involved should be proud. This is an opening we have been anxiously awaiting through the winter months here at our Lake Shore Campus. Thank you for not disappointing!

What makes it so unique to top it off is that this is the fourth business for Loyola Limited: all student-run operations. Likewise, this makes Felice’s the first and only student-run and managed pizzeria in the U.S. If you want to learn more about the operation or where the name comes from, be sure to check out the background and don’t miss your chance to grab a slice for yourself during your upcoming campus visit!

John Felice would be proud! Molto bene! Grazie!

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