Midterms: Difficult, but Worth It

Midterms: Difficult, but Worth It

To me, the spring semester and I have a love/hate relationship.

On one hand, the courses that I am enrolled in spark my interests and I was able to fit them in my schedule. On the other, it seems like I have been writing paper after paper and taking test after test.

My last two midterm exams are tomorrow, and I am almost hitting a wall to the point where I have no energy left. Thank goodness for vitamin water’s energy flavor.

One thing that is giving me the push to keep going are the grades that I have been getting back. Although studying has been taking the place of sleep, those late nights have reaped the rewards of good grades.

It also comes back to remind me the whole point of midterms: to see if I know the material I am learning so far in these courses, and if I am able to understand the material in my own way.

Even though midterms are difficult, they are definitely worth the hard work and late nights. Wish me luck on my last two!

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