Adler After Dark and Other Adventures

Adler After Dark and Other Adventures

Thursday night my friend, Natalie, decided to come up for the evening to go to at the Adler Planetarium for, Adler After Dark.  This is the friend, who I mentioned in an earlier blog, graduated last semester.  Living in Joliet, she is only a Metra ride away!  I’ve never been, or even heard of the Adler After Dark, but it turned out to be a 21+ event and there was a DJ.

It seems each one also has a theme, and because of its proximity to Valentine’s Day, this one was chocolate. We scored some free chocolate and roamed around where we saw live demonstrations of various experiments, one involving a flower and liquid nitrogen.  There was also plenty of interactive activities and videos.

Friday, Natalie and I woke up just in time for some McDonald’s breakfast.  I don’t know if this is a big deal to anyone else, but within my group of friends, its like one of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve.  On our walk to McDonald’s, we also realized it was a gloriously and unusually nice day, so in addition to the shopping we had planned, we decided to first hit up the Lincoln Park Zoo.

It seems as if some renovation is taking place there, as many of the exhibits were closed, including the penguins!  This did not hinder our trip, as there were many other the animals out  for the beautiful day. Including the flamingos!

Of course, one of my favorite animals to see at the zoo are the meerkats!  They are seriously so cute.  I’ve also noted that compared to the ones in the wild, the meerkats at the zoo have a little something extra in the middle, but that just makes them that much cuter!

After the zoo, we hit up Wow Bao for lunch at Water Tower Place and then got our shop on.  It was a really great day and I hope Natalie can visit again soon enough!

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