Internship and Career Fair

Internship and Career Fair

This week the School of Communications held its Internship and Career Fair, and I could not be more grateful.

In my earlier post, Lovin’ the Rambler Network I talked about how one of the major reasons that I came to Loyola University Chicago was because I had a feeling that it would have good connections. Well, in that post I already explained how that decision has payed off for me.

This week was perhaps the finest culmination of the connections I have gained through Loyola. Because of the Ad/PR Reception last year I had already been in contact with Edelman. One of their representatives, Adi Clerman, and I have been corresponding ever since my phone and in-person interviews. I am hoping to be an intern at Edelman when I graduate, because many of their interns turn into full time positions. Working for Edelman, to me means basically that I’ve made it: they are the largest private PR firm in Chicago.

So when I found out that Edelman would be present at the Internship and Career Fair, I knew I had to go and make an impression once again. I bee-lined to the Edelman table and was lucky enough to see that Adi was there. She and I reconnected and spent some time catching up. Last time we spoke she had advised that I continued to try and do as much work as possible at my current internship, so as to be prepared for work at Edelman. So I was delighted to be able to tell her about the fact that I had been promoted and am now a paid Jr. Marketing Specialist at The Plum Tree Group.

As we finished our conversation we talked about my different options for after graduation. The conversation went very well, and I am ever hopeful that I will be joining the ranks of entry-level Edelman employees soon.

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