SoC Career Fair

SoC Career Fair

Tonight I attended the School of Communication Career Fair. I was attending the fair for two reasons: I was hoping to make some good connections for a potential job, but I also have an article to write which involved interviewing the employers and recruiters.  I think this added some pressure on my end to conduct a competent interview and then weave the conversation around to my interest in their open positions.

SoC offered a career week with workshops to prepare students for tonight’s event, including resume writing tips and even career fashion advice.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend these events, but I did take the initiative to spruce up my resume and cover letter.

I was pretty nervous to attend the fair, but after meeting with a couple of the employers, it was a lot more relaxed than I had anticipated.  There was also a wide range of employers.  There were several marketing and public relations firms, and some what I would call non-traditional communication career options, such as DJ’s.

Students were also given the chance to raffle a copy of their resume to get an interview with Groupon.  Last year’s winner was actually hired for the position!  Talking to these employers, I learned that many had hired Loyola students for intern positions and even jobs.

It was great to hear the positive feedback that these employers had to say about Loyola’s reputation and the qualifications  of Loyola students.

I’m hoping to hear back and follow up with some of these employers soon.

This was SoC’s largest career fair to date!

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