Shorts In The Winter

Shorts In The Winter

I already mentioned the wacky weather of Chicago in a recent post, but sometimes it’s not so much the conditions but rather the reaction to the temps that is a bit outrageous.

For instance, Tuesday was a gorgeous spring-like day.  The sun was shining and it was surprisingly not very cold at all.  Most Loyola students abandoned their heavy winter coats for a hoodie and some even walked to class in shorts!

I said it wasn’t very cold, but that doesn’t mean it was very warm, either.  The high was around 50 degrees.

The point is, Chicagoans seem to always be biting at the chance to shed the heavy coats and sweaters.  Even though the following days were not as warm, I saw people out and about wearing shorts and spring dresses.  I even saw a convertible with the top down!

I, too, am ready for some spring, but I don’t think it’s time to bust out the shorts and tank tops just yet.  I think we all need to keep in mind last year’s blizzard, which happened in February!

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