Mass and Dining

Mass and Dining

This past Wednesday, Loyola planned and paid for a great dinner in downtown Rome in addition to a mass held in the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen.  It was optional, but it was great to see that many people decided to go.  Since the campus only has about two hundred students, we are all growing very close.

The mass was at Chiesa di Sant’Ignazio.  It was a huge, beautiful church, and the mass was led by Loyola’s own Father Al.  It was a special mass, the Mass of the Holy Spirit, and it was strictly for Loyola students and faculty.  It was cool because a few of our students got to sing as well as deliver a few of the readings.

After the mass, we all went out to dinner.  It was another amazing four course meal.  We had two types of pasta, ham and potatoes, salad and then tiramisu.  The Italian’s tend to eat a lot, seeing as they eat more than one course, but they also space out their courses and usually eat for hours.  Every time my peers and I have gone out to eat, we’ve been at the restaurant for two to three hours.  I actually like that better; we get more time to enjoy the food as well as each other’s company.

Here’s a picture of the first course of our meal: Delicious pasta!

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