Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos

As I’m still learning to incorporate my internship into my regular routine, I’ve noticed my usual system of organization has started to fall apart.  Perhaps this is due to the overwhelming amount of things I have to do tomorrow, (3 interviews for an article and then go to a 2-hour long panel discussion in which I must write 2 separate articles about, on top of various readings and assignments) which has me a bit frantic. While I do keep assignments and deadlines noted in a planner, my go-to tool for organization is a list pad.  I make lists.  In fact, I adore making lists.  Everything is written out in bullet points, you can add things as they pop into your head, and you aren’t flipping through your planner to see what is due when.

Then that glorious moment happens when you are done with that thing one thing on your list and YOU CROSS IT OFF!  And it’s done and gone and you don’t have to worry about that thing anymore.  I’ve also heard from one source or another that crossing something off your to-do list releases endorphins!  I can’t verify that as a fact at the moment, but I can tell you from personal experience that it does feel rather nice…

But this brings me to my now perplexing situation in which I find myself organizing between a planner, 3 lists, and sticky notes!  And what’s worse, I can barely read what I wrote on the sticky notes!

This is madness.  I plan on regaining a hold of my life… which means some heavy consolidation to just ONE master list.  Despite my current and chaotic organization, I do suggest that you take the time to find a way to organize your life, be it a list, sticky notes, calendar or whatever!  No matter what you use, you can probably still take advantage of those feel-good endorphins from crossing off your “to-dos.”

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