From Ohio to Roma

From Ohio to Roma

It was weird coming home for winter break, because I knew wouldn’t be coming back to Chicago.  I’m studying abroad in Rome, Italy this semester, so it was crazy to think I’d be on another continent for the whole spring semester.

Most of my break was spent preparing for Rome.  There’s so much you need to do when traveling internationally and I definitely underestimated what I had to do.  It was stressful… but whenever I would get stress, I’d just think… I’M GOING TO ROME!!!

Besides packing and getting all the paper work ready, I hung out with my family and friends, relaxed and watched a ton of television (guilty pleasure).  The greatest thing about winter break is that Loyola gives us a whole month off. So there is tons of time to relax and have no stress.

My flights to Rome (yep, there were three layovers) was a week and a day ago, meaning I’m there now!! It is absolutely amazing. I am definitely having the time of my life.  I can already tell this was the best decision I’ve thus far in my life. I’ve made many new friends, I get to explore many places and travel to many different countries.  I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to study abroad.  I’m looking forward to updating all of you on my adventures!!!

Here’s a beautiful view from Rome

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