Do you enjoy teaching or learning with technology? Do you aspire to be a “Sakai model” during your time at Loyola? Or maybe you’re just an enthusiastic Loyolan?

We’re looking for photos of you, your peers, and faculty or staff to feature on our Sakai Login page. Review the guidelines below, and send your pictures for a chance to make it the Sakai homepage.


    • Who can submit? We invite all students, faculty, and staff to participate.
    • What should the photo look like? Here are some guidelines to create your photos:
      • Include a diverse group of Loyolans using technology
      • Background is outside ideally on one of Loyola’s campuses
      • Wearing Loyola gear is encouraged
      • Avoid looking at the camera
      • Photo can be cropped down to 297 x 257 pixels
      • All Loyolans pictured must sign the release form


 How do we submit?

Email your photo to by 12/10/2018 with signed copies of this Release Form for the photographer and everyone photographed. Identify the photographer and everyone in your photos by first name, last name, and email address.

The release form states an individual gives consent to the University to reproduce, distribute, and display these photos and identify you. If there is anyone in the picture who has not signed the Release Form, they must be far away enough where we can crop them out or blur their face.


Article by: Megan Mitchell