As an instructor, you often make yourself available to meet with students outside of class. You might hold office hours, meet with individual students, or schedule group meetings each semester. How do you organize your meeting times?

Picture this scenario:

You host office hours for two days per week each term. Students drop-by occasionally at the beginning of the semester. However, at the end of the semester when summative assessments approach due dates, you see an influx in student attendance and an eagerness to communicate with you. There is a line of students out your door during office hours, anxious for your feedback. In an attempt to organize the time, you asked that students email you to request an appointment time slot. With several classes to attend to, the emails become difficult to manage, especially when multiple students ask for the same time frame. To reduce the time you spend scheduling, you hand out a paper sign-up sheet in class and post it to your office door. Crossed out names, erased appointments, and scribbled contact information adorn your office door. You think to yourself, “if only there was an easier way to manage meetings!”

For a seamless scheduling experience, Loyola instructors can use the Sign-Up tool in their Sakai course sites. The Sign-Up tool in Sakai facilitates online registration for office hours, study sessions, and other academic meetings or events. In addition to scheduling, Instructors can use the Sign-Up tool to provide reminders about meetings, track attendance, and offer site participants a waitlist. Project site participants with “maintain” status can also use the Sign-Up tool to arrange meetings for project site participants.

For more information about how to use the Sign-Up tool in Sakai as an Instructor, visit the Sign-Up Instructor Guide ScreenSteps documentation. ITRS also offers individual and group-based training on the Sign-Up tool and other Sakai tools. For more information, visit the Technology Training page on Loyola’s ITS site.

Article by: Megan Mitchell