Import, Design, Publish

The Fall Term is just around the corner. Here are a few tips to help with any last-minute course items you might want to implement, before (or after) you click the Publish Now button.

Do you have some course content you would like to use from a previous term?

Check out the “How do I copy my content from one site to another?” article and other content guides on our Sakai Faculty Resources Page. These and the other useful guides on the page are at your disposal to assist with your course designs.

If at any point during the preparation of your course you should find yourself with a question, feel free to stop by one of our ITRS Drop-in sessions. Conveniently located in IC 204, CLC 732 or even online via Zoom! Please visit our website for a schedule of hours:

Lastly, remember that your students won’t be able to see your course until you publish it. Thankfully, it’s as simple as clicking the Publish Now button at the top of your Sakai course.

Thanks for reading and have a great semester!