Google Voice is a unique phone managing and messaging system that allows you to unite all of your phones under a single number.  Once you set up an account, you get a Google Voice phone number that you can route all your calls through—home, work, and cell— so that they ring on a single device. With Google Voice, you get free SMS text messaging, as long as you have a data plan, and you can also make cheap international calls.

When you receive a call through Google Voice, all your phones (or a subset) will ring, allowing you to answer whichever phone is most accessible. You can set certain callers to automatically always go to your cell phone, directly to voicemail or only to your house phone. Additionally, Google Voice allows you to listen in on a voicemail that is in the process of being recorded so you can decide whether or not to answer the call.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of Google Voice is its transcription capabilities—Google Voice can transcribe a voicemail into a text format that can be read like an email, and even be forwarded to your email account. You can then easily respond with a call or a text message.  You can also search through voicemail transcriptions as you would your email inbox. Making things even simpler, Google Voice can integrate with your mobile device’s native address book and  you can set up different greetings for different contacts.  Google Voice is currently available for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices.

To learn more, visit the Google Voice Help Page.