1X1With Picture Resizer, you can resize your photos quickly, without even opening a program!  Picture Resizer is a free application for Windows that allows you to drag and drop a JPG image or a whole folder with JPG images to resize.  Whether you need to resize images to post to a Web page, blog, PowerPoint or Blackboard course, this tool is incredibly helpful and simple to use.

  1. Download the PhotoResize400.exe application to your desktop.
  2. Drag and drop JPG files or a whole folder with JPG images onto the PhotoResize.400.exe icon on your desktop.photo_resize.jpg
  3. Your JPG images will be resized and copies will be saved next to the original.  The names will be the same as the originals and will contain a suffix indicating their sizes.  By default, 400 is the size of output pictures.  To change the size of output pictures rename the PhotoResize400.exe application by replacing the 400 with a different number.