1X1If you have a digital camera then you probably have hundreds of digital photos stored on your computer. You may use software that allows you to organize your photos into albums on your computer or maybe you use an online photo-sharing application such as Flickr or Google’s Picasa. Let’s say you want to take your photo-sharing capabilities even further and create customized slideshows that you can easily distribute online. With Slideroll, you can create video-like slideshows that you can share via email or post to your website or blog. With a free Slideroll account, you can add music to your slideshows and import photos from your Flickr account; plus Slideroll produces slideshows in the Flash video format, which can be played in the most common Web browsers. Here are a few pointers to help get you started with using Slideroll.

Getting Started with Slideroll

In order to access Slideroll’s features, you will need to create a free account. Once you login, you will have the option to upload photos to your gallery or you can click on Slideshow Creator to start creating a slideshow.


In the Slideshow Creator, you can add photos, text slides, and choose music if desired. Once you are finished putting your slideshow together, you will get a link to your slideshow that you can share via email or you may embed a code to display your slideshow on your website. If you create a Slideroll slideshow for a course you can include your link in a PowerPoint presentation or Blackboard course.