PhotoGallery Embed

PhotoGallery Embed

Content Type: Photo Gallery Embed

Use this content type when you want to embed a Slideshow of Images from a Media Library Category. Only 1 photo gallery is permitted per section.

How to Use this Content Type

STEP 1: Upload your images in the media library

Important Tips:

    • Make sure all images are optimized for the web and are of the same height prior to uploading to the media library.
    • The following image dimensions are recommended:
      Resolution = 72 pixels/inch
      Regular Image = 1000 pixels (Width) by 560 pixels (Height)
      Panoramic Image = 1800 pixels (Width) by 735 pixels (Height)

    • Images must only belong to the media category that contains all the images for your photo gallery.

    • The photo caption is being pulled from the Description field value of the Image file in the Media Library.

STEP 2: Duplicate an existing section containing a photo gallery content piece

    • Sample Page
      • The order of the content should be as follows:
        1. Required: photogalleryembed.css
        2. Optional: Content Type = Page Content Only
        3. Content Type = Photo Gallery Embed
        4. Optional: Content Type = Page Content Only
        5. Required: photogalleryembed.js


Content Type Settings:

Minimum User Level: Contributor
Direct Edit Enabled: Yes

Content Type Elements:

Name (Plain Text, 80 characters, required)
Media Item (Media, required)

Page Layout Compatibility:

This content type will properly display when used with the Page Layouts identified below.

Page Layout NameRequired Components
Primary InteriorThe following files must be added to the section:
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