Arabic Voices on the Vaccine: A Mosaic of Hope!

Posted on: March 19th, 2021 by sabbadi

Arabic learners at Loyola University Chicago make their voices heard through a mosaic of sensory heart-felt words and images to share their feelings and thoughts on the sociocultural, political, humanitarian, mental, and personal impact of the pandemic and the current vaccinations. With Loyola spirit reflected in their constructions, we invite you to tour our blog and reflect on samples of their cries for hope, equity, and inclusive global support. Our thanks to Chairperson Susana Cavallo and Dean Peter Schraeder for all support for the Arabic Program Minor @ Loyola.

Elise (102): “The vaccine of Corona is good for the Psyche of people!” I chose this statement because mental health has been in decline since the onset of Corona. With the release of Corona vaccines, this is giving people hope that there is an end in sight and things will soon return to normal. This is giving people peace of mind and improving their mental health.

Emma (102): “Our homeland is one and the soul of the people want health without political difficultly.” Everyone is fighting Coronavirus in their own way and political struggle, disagreements, or financial disparity should not dictate the privilege of receiving vaccination.

Sara (102): “The World is exhausted and tired.” I chose this phrase because COVID 19 has emotionally, mentally, and physically changed the world and the life of individuals. I’ve experienced multiple a lot with Coronavirus, from losing my uncle to experiencing it myself then my father catching it. I’ve been exhausted this past year, but I still continue to push and hope for the better.

Ayse (102): “A lot of people are sick in the world + want Corona vaccine = Freedom.” We, as Americans, need to remember that not all countries are able to distribute vaccines to their citizens. We are truly lucky and need to speak up for other countries.

Ayah (102): “I’m very upset of the big politician’s talk on Corona.”  It truly upsets me how much this virus has been politicized – if our leadership had been more responsible a year ago, we would not have so many COVID deniers today.

Alexis (102): “The vaccine of the virus of Corona is not a problem in the counties in the world.” Even if some people are against the vaccine, it provides an opportunity for world healing. The vaccine will help world societies get back a normal life again.

Aadil (102): “The corona virus problem is a problem for the countries of the world. The vaccine is the freedom for humans.” The coronavirus has brough difficulty to every soul on this earth- we all are being tested. However, God says “so, surely with hardship comes ease.” (Qur’an 94:5)

Kassandra (102): “I have the good Corona virus vaccine and I’m happy.” I chose these words because they reflect how I and many families (especially minorities) are grateful to have the option to get vaccinated when medical supplies are scarce.

Lu (102): “I say Yes to the vaccine, I say No to the virus.” I chose these words because they simply explain how I feel about the pandemic. People should not be afraid of the vaccine more than they are of the virus.

Carolina (102): “I dream the Corona virus vaccine works good and not a lot of people are sick.” Since we knew nothing about coronavirus, it made it that much harder to figure out a vaccine that be effective. Now that we have started administering vaccines, I truly am hoping this is the one.

Andrew (102): “Your work, your rights, your duty. The doctor works with you. Y’all work with the doctor.” I want my poster to express that the vaccine is not only about personal choice, but it is also about how we work together to care for our common community.

Violet (102): “FEMA at the United Center has a vaccine for Corona Virus.” The US government finally intervenes in providing assistance for COVID-19 relief, providing 6,000 shots a day for all of Illinois’s seniors.

Ibrahim (104): “When will I obtain the COVID Vaccine and return to my classes in college?” The past 12 months have been increasingly difficult for many of us, as we have seen our lives quickly uprooted, depriving us of what we called “normal” for years on end. While things might not be the same for the foreseeable future, the COVID vaccine has given a beacon of light, and a reminder that the end of this pandemic is soon to come. I tried to capture this essence in my sentence, highlighting the importance and proximity of return to in person classes.

Natalie (104): “Doctor’s died because of the corona virus but not since they obtained the vaccine.” The coronavirus pandemic is hitting people on the front line––especially medical professionals––the hardest. The public’s lack of mask-wearing and other basic precautions only makes the situation worse. With the vaccine rolling out now, though, medical professionals finally have some protection, giving us hope that the end of the pandemic may be in sight.

Ethan (104): “Your new vaccine does not help you with my family”- Corona virus speaking! With the rise of new variations of the Corona Virus across the world, I am afraid that our vaccine may turn out to be ineffective.

Ayesha (104):” It is necessary for all people from different races and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout the world to obtain the vaccine.” Since Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic, I believe it is important for everyone around the world to receive the vaccine instead of only those who have more privilege in society. It is especially important for the vaccine to be distributed in those countries where people are already living in inadequate conditions, which can exacerbate the spread of Covid-19. Equally distributing resources is key to moving one step forward to a better future.

Holly (104): “Globally we should talk about discrimination in Coronavirus.” Across the world, we all must pay attention to the discrimination and inequality of the coronavirus, which disproportionately impacts minority communities. This is a heartbreaking truth we must acknowledge.

Simon (104): “Health for Israel. And what for Palestine? Vaccines for Palestinian workers now!” This line is motivated by the continually unequal situation taking place along the border of Israel-Palestine. Without international recognition of Palestine, the occupying territory of Israel has control of the distribution of millions of Covid vaccines. Excellent reports have come from the Israeli government that approximately 50% of the total population of the country has been vaccinated. This number includes Israeli citizens of every denomination. Yet the occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank have elicited but tens of thousands for a population of over 4 million. This coming from a report by Doctors Without Borders. Further still, Al-Jazeera reports that while claiming intent to vaccinate 100,000 workers in Palestine, such plans have now been postponed, creating a worse crisis in an already dire situation.

Alec (104): “Listen to the science and the words of the doctors about the vaccine for the coronavirus.” I think it’s important we come together and do our part to help end this pandemic. Scientists have done an amazing job preparing and delivering these vaccines to us and I think we should do our part to help stop the spread of the virus and protect ourselves and others, especially high-risk populations. Hopefully soon, we will be on the other side of this pandemic, but we would never have gotten there without the great work of scientists and doctors, so it’s important we respect their expertise.

Haba (104): “We want people to live in Peace and Happiness.” In order for humanity to overcome covid, we need to come together and do what is necessary in order to move towards the next chapter as well as to be able to live fearlessly and in peace again.

Jenna (104): “Obtain the vaccine in order to live with friends.” There are many people who are hesitant to get the vaccine. I acknowledge their fear of the unknown, but I hope they choose to get the vaccine not for themselves, but for the safety of their family and friends. Living life close to others makes us human.

Myah (104): “Why do people refuse the Corona virus vaccine?” I think it is very important for people to receive the vaccine when given the option because it will literally save lives and return the world back to normal sooner.

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