Interinstitutional Transnational Experience About Migration Studies – Two Jesuit Institutions Partner to Provide Academic Practice and Social Service

Professor Maria Vidal de Haymes has a long-standing commitment to migration studies. One focus includes international student exchanges within a humanitarian framework linked to social service with the Mexican migrant population in Chicago. Dr. Vidal de Haymes (Loyola University Chicago) and Dr. Graciela Polanco Hernandez (Iberoamericana University, Mexico) developed an interinstitutional transnational program designed to strengthen students’ service attitude, sensitivity, commitment, critical thinking, sense of justice and social responsibility in light of the migratory phenomenon. They shared experiences in a recent Best Practices in Jesuit Higher Education publication. Over 160 students from Iberoamerican University engaged in an immersive experience with an integral formation and because of this became more aware and sensitive to the migration phenomenon both in Mexico and the USA.  Read the full article here.