Helping an Alumna in Need

The School of Social Work received the below letter from family of alumna Pamela Patinkin (‘16). We share in hopes that the Loyola community may be part of finding a solution for Pamela. Please read, and consider become a donor:

Seventeen years ago, we witnessed firsthand the miracle of modern medicine. Our daughter, Pamela Patinkin, who was 14 years old at the time, underwent a successful kidney transplant. Because of this gift, Pam has experienced the joy of becoming a college and master’s degree graduate, a wife, a sister-in law, and an aunt.

 Today, we are looking for another miracle, and Pamela’s life depends on it. After 17 years, Pam’s transplanted kidney is failing. Although we anticipated the need for another transplant, we had always assumed that an immediate family member would once again be a viable donor. After extensive testing, that option does not appear to be available, at least at this time.

 We have been advised by the transplant team at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to seek a backup donor since Pamela’s kidney function is deteriorating, and she is now in dire need of a lifesaving transplant from a living donor.

 You or someone you know could be Pam’s second miracle. Please consider becoming a kidney donor by filling out the transplant questionnaire. Please indicate recipient Pamela Patinkin, date of birth May 1, 1987.

 There is no cost to the donor, as all medical testing and procedures are covered by Pamela’s insurance.

 If you have questions, we have provided a pdf of an informational pamphlet or you can contact Brittany Russell, the transplant coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital at 312-695-0828. You can also contact Debbie Patinkin at 847-987-0524.

 Whether you are willing to be a candidate or not, we appreciate you taking the time to read this, forwarding it to anyone who might consider donating his or her kidney and keeping Pam in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


Debbie and Rick Patinkin