Community debates bus rapid transit (BRT) on Ashland Avenue

Posted on: September 24th, 2013

The CTA is working out the details of proposed “bus rapid transit” along Ashland Avenue. Some community members – particularly those who rely on public transit – are strongly in favor of the plan, while a handful of vocal local business owners and West Side drivers are trying to rally opposition and push a hypothetical alternative that would have little impact on the community’s public transit needs.

From the Sun-Times:

“Supporters say bus rapid transit will turn the bus into a trainlike experience with stops every quarter mile; priority signals for buses, and ground-level boarding. The average ride should take eight minutes less. The improved transit experience should reduce the volume of traffic on Ashland, CTA officials say, while shaving only 1 to 2 mph off the average remaining drivers’ speeds, initial CTA analysis indicates.”

Extensive coverage of the arguments, political process, and implications for local residents (both those who drive and those who rely on public transportation) is available at Streetsblog Chicago.

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