Elements that Embody Me

Posted on: February 13th, 2013

God. Family. Country. I lead my life around these three elements. I believe these three elements espouse social justice, can be extrapolated to mean social justice. In some areas, I have yet to fully develop, but one day I think I will completely live by these elements. These elements are what have built our great society in the past and I believe if we continue these traditions, we will continue to prosper and be that beacon of light, that beacon of hope.

I am a man of faith. My guidance comes from God and Holy Scripture. Everyday my faith guides me, it embodies me. It is my moral conscience. I do right by God, by doing what is just. My faith makes me a better person. Every day I make decisions based upon the principles of my faith, I take action that is appropriate to my faith. Prayer trains my moral conscience to always act in a just fashion, to always espouse justice and righteousness. I hold faith in a very high regard. I believe everyone should have some sort of moral compass guiding them to do what is right, to always do what justice would require.

I am a man of family. Strong families hold up society and continue humanity for generations to come. My family has taught me principles on how to live properly and how to act justly. On top of my religious beliefs, my family has added to my knowledge base on how to act righteously and justly. My family is my support structure whenever I am in disarray or in a chaotic tumult. It was my family who brought me up to be the man I am today, espoused within me religious values, espoused within me that moral compass that guides me right from wrong. I strongly believe that family can be the most influential part of an individual’s life and should be promoted whenever possible. The promotion of families should be a part of social justice as society prospers when families prosper and if families decay then society decays.

I am a man of country. I am knowledgeable of our political affairs. I participate in the democratic process. One day I aim to participate within the system to keep on building and improving our republic. I have interests in both medicine and in politics. I believe both occupations have tremendous capabilities to improve the “justness” of society. Doctors have the literal capability to eradicate physical illnesses. Politicians have the capability (if they have the will) to eradicate societal ills through wise and just policy. In the near future, after the completion of my education, I hope to strive actively in building a fair and just republic, to try to improve societal conditions in our country as much as possible in my capacity at that time.

These three elements are a large part of me. This is my social justice. In my eyes, social justice is achieved my acting in accordance to a moral fiber, aiding and promoting the family, and participating in the great republic we live in.

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