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Does it Pay for Adults to Return to Higher Education? (Part 2)

This is the conclusion of Walter Pearson’s series looking at the value of returning to higher education. To read the first part, please click here. In this article, Pearson explores the funding side of higher education and discusses the different ways adults can pay for their degree.

What does a college degree mean?

Completion of a college degree […]

What are employers looking for?

What does a college degree mean?

Completion of a college degree may help satisfy a requirement for hiring or promotion, and it does so because it signifies a number of qualities the candidate is likely to possess. A degree from a quality institution demonstrates the degree holder’s capacity to reason from facts and engage in thoughtful […]

Is completing my degree worth it?

I have a friend who is considering a return to college. He stopped out of Big State U several years ago and has worked in unsatisfying jobs since. He is wondering if the time, effort and money he would have to invest to complete his degree are worth it. Will it really make a difference […]

More Evidence That Completing The Bachelor’s Degree Matters

We hear so many tales of doubt about the value of completing the bachelor’s degree these days that a dose of economic common sense might help us. A study released by the Pew Foundation makes it clear:

The wage advantage for completion of the bachelor’s degree has grown during the recent bad economic times.

The value […]

SCPS helps students complete their degree

Adult students have a unique set of challenges as well as strengths that they bring to college upon returning or in starting their college career. To help students persist, institutions must show a commitment to academic excellence, learner-centered teaching, flexibility, good course schedules, robust prior learning assessment (PLA) systems, good advising and coaching, strategic financial […]

How can I make college more affordable?

How can you afford to complete your degree?

Is there any way I can reduce the cost of completing my degree?

Explore the least expensive options first.

My university is transfer-friendly and has a robust program that allows you to earn credit for the learning you’ve already gained through your work, travel and the things you are passionate […]

Does completing the degree matter for adult students?

The answer is “certainly yes”. In this post http://www.evolllution.com/opinions/does-it-pay-for-adults-to-return-to-higher-education-part-1/  I cover a few of the arguments about the value of completing the degree, even during hard times. However, there are a few cautions. Some majors seem to have better outcomes, particularly for those with limited experience. Where you complete your degree matters. Choosing a reputable non-profit […]