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Keeley Rohrbach Nominated for Undergraduate Women’s Leadership Award

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is always proud to acknowledge students who go that extra mile to excel. One such SCPS student, Keeley  Rohrbach, was nominated for the 2017 Undergraduate Women’s Leadership Award, presented by the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership.

The Gannon Center for Women and Leadership is committed to transformative education with a particular perspective of developing women leaders. Through research, programs and service, they prepare women to lead in every sector of society, shaping leadership for the 21st Century.

Thirty-five women from all disciplines across the Loyola University Chicago campus were honored at the annual event on 20 March, 2017.

Rohrbach’s work to end human trafficking was acknowledged in this awards event. Rohrbach says, “I’m fearlessly committed as a 21st century abolitionist to end human trafficking, bring overdue freedom, justice, hope, and healing to victims of abuse, slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression against women and children in the darkest corners of our community and the world.”

SCPS Director of Special Projects, Amy Jordan, has worked with Rohrbach and says, “Keeley’s colleagues and professors know of her unrelenting efforts to draw awareness to this despicable global issue called human trafficking. Her passion is her signature. Her work, when applicable, carries the theme of and researches human trafficking; she is working to her goal of creating a foundation to stop this atrocity.”

Congratulations to Keeley Rorhbach for an acknowledgement she so very much deserves!