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Choosing to Move Forward

As a new member of Loyola’s School for Continuing and Professional Studies, I have the opportunity to see how we work in much the same way a student might experience, initially, how we do things. The processes are all new, faces are unfamiliar, the language sounds a bit intimidating and the expectations are not totally clarified.

As the first days of my new role turn into weeks, I see, already, that my apprehensions are dissolving. I remind myself that the stress of any big risk can create, in the beginning, a sense of imbalance. Taking on new goals and responsibilities means changes in time management, finances, focus, relationships, and what’s comfortable.

I know, already, that everyone who is on the team in the School for Continuing and Professional Studies is committed to seeing success in our students and yes, success in a new hire.

The choice to move forward with personal goals is a grand moment. When a student can embrace that moment, he or she is well on the way to a greater and better life. The decision to pursue academic success is difficult and honorable. That decision can, in fact, be the most difficult step in the process.

The School for Continuing and Professional Studies strives to help our student find his or her personal path. I am reminded that new beginnings are daunting. But, more importantly, I am reminded that an extraordinary life is quite possible. With the help and support of our SCPS staff and faculty, each of our students has an extraordinary opportunity.