My research agenda encompasses conflict and cooperation, with a specific focus on the areas of conflict management, conflict processes, and foreign policy decision-making. Broadly speaking, my research examines the wide variation in responses to the outbreak of militarized conflict.

Peer Reviewed Publications

“Connecting International and Domestic Dots: How Conflict Entanglement Informs Resolution and Escalation” (with Alexandru Grigorescu). Forthcoming in International Journal of Conflict Management

“Sticking it Out: Instability, Regime Type, and Troop Withdrawals from UN Peacekeeping Operations“ (with Jacob Kathman). Forthcoming in Conflict Management and Peace Science

“International Socialization, Domestic Politics, and the Spread of State Bureaucracies for Women’s Advancement” (with Olga Avdeyeva) forthcoming in Journal of Human Rights.

War and International Business: Insights from Political Science” (with Andres Calle, Santiago Sosa, and Ivan Montiel). 2023. AIB Insights 23(1).

The Business of Peace: Understanding Corporate Contributions to Conflict Management” 2021. International Interactions 47(1): 107-134.

 “Supply Side Incentives for Mediation—Which Actors Mediate International Crises?” (with Paul Olander). 2019. In Research Handbook on Mediating International Crises, ed. Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Kyle Beardsley, David Quinn. Edward Elgar Publishing. 94-108.

Exploring the Threshold between Mediation and Joining in Biased Interventions” (with Renato Corbetta). 2018. Journal of Conflict Resolution 62(10):2205-2231.

Knowledge, Skills, and Preparing for the Future: Best Practices to Educate International Studies Majors for Life After College” (with Dana Zartner, Gigi Gokcek, Carolyn Shaw, and Kathy Carpenter). International Studies Perspectives 19(2):148-169.

Who Keeps the Peace? Understanding State Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Operations” (with Jacob Kathman). 2016. International Studies Quarterly 61(1): 150-162.

Business, Peace and World Politics: The Role of Third Parties in Conflict Resolution.” Business Horizons 59(5): 493-501. The online presentation is available for viewing here.

“Multilateral Institutions and Conflict Resolution” (with Alexandru Grigorescu). Conflict Resolution Quarterly 34(3): 301-329.

Opening the Black Box of Conflict Management: Understanding Management and Policy Substitution.” 2015. Conflict Management and Peace Science 32(1): 28-49.

Connecting the Dots: Dispute Resolution and Escalation in a World of Entangled Territorial Claims” (with Alexandru Grigorescu). 2014. Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(6): 1085-1109.

Commitment Problems: Understanding Variation in the Frequency of International Conflict Management Efforts.” 2014. International Negotiation 19: 222-258.

Fear of rejection: The puzzle of unaccepted mediation offers in international conflict” (with Scott Sigmund Gartner and Jacob Bercovitch). 2013. Conflict Management and Peace Science 30(4): 354-368.

When States Mediate.” 2013. Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs 2(1): 78-90.

The Impact of State Relationships on If, When and How Conflict Management Occurs.” 2011. International Studies Quarterly 55(3): 691-715.

Jumping into the Fray: Alliances, Power, Institutions, and the Timing of Conflict Expansion.” (with Michael Koch). 2010. International Interactions 36 (1): 1-27.

Incentives for Talking: Accepting Mediation in International and Civil Wars” (with Isak Svensson). 2009. International Interactions 35 (3): 249-271.

 Other Publications

CEOs Beware: “Feel Good” Isolation of Russia Might Make Things Worse.” War on the Rocks. April 11th, 2022.

“Mediation in International Conflicts” in Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations. Ed. Patrick James. New York: Oxford University Press.

President Trump, Colombia’s Peace is in your Hands.” 2017. The Hill. May 17th, 2017.

More Than Money: Are UN Peacekeeping Mission Effective?” 2017. The Hill. February 13th, 2017.

Is the Pursuit of Peace a Profit Motivator for Private Companies?” 2017. TRT World. February 7th, 2017.

Networking for Post-Graduation Success: It Doesn’t Have to Make Students Feel ‘Dirty’.” 2015. International Studies Association Professional Resource Center.

Assessing Outcomes: Conflict Management and the Durability of Peace” (with Scott Gartner). 2008. Sage Handbook on Conflict Resolution. Edited by Jacob Bercovitch, Victor Kremenyuk, and I. William Zartman. Thousand Oaks: Sage Press.


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