I am an award-winning teacher with over twelve years of classroom experience and a broad teaching portfolio. I use a variety of active pedagogical techniques to enhance the classroom experience for my students, ensuring they become analytical consumers of information, gain passion for the scientific study of politics, and understand the process of social research.

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My experience, formal training and research prepare me to teach a broad range of courses. I regularly teach the following courses: Introduction to International Relations, Business and World Politics, Scientific Study of War, Conflict Resolution, International Conflict (graduate), and Research Methods I (graduate) and II (graduate). I am enjoying teaching courses in Political Science, several of which are cross-listed with International Studies and Peace Studies, and have recently taught for the International Learning Community and Loyola’s Honors Program. I also run study abroad courses in Northern Ireland and Colombia.

I have three main objectives as a teacher: creating a dynamic classroom, encouraging students to think critically, and integrating teaching and research. By respecting the diversity of learning styles and through the structuring of class time and course assignments, I help demystify the process of social research thereby encouraging students to become critical compilers and users of information and gain passion for the scientific study of politics.

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