Fall 2018 Applicants- Special Scholarship and Fellowship Deadline is Today

Our March 1 deadline for special scholarships and fellowships is today. Take a moment to review the list and apply!

  • The Kenneth Adreani Scholarship of the Joseph W. Bernstein Scholarship Fund: Through the generosity of the Feinberg Foundation, a scholarship has been established to assist a full-time entering JD law student.
  • Circle of Advocates Scholarship of the Joseph W. Bernstein Scholarship Fund: This fund was created in 2001 by the Circle of Advocates group to assist full-time JD students in pursuing their legal education. The criteria for the scholarship is that the student have achievements in the areas of debate moot court or mock trial and have demonstrated financial need.
  • Judge William J. Campbell Public Interest Scholarship: This $4,000 renewable scholarship is awarded annually to an entering full-time JD student with proven public interest experience.
  • Mark/Charlene Novak Scholarship: For a student showing achievements in their academic and extra-curricular activities, financial need, and being a member of a trade union, or the son/daughter of a member of a trade union.
  • Martin J. Healy, Jr. Scholarship: A scholarship for a full-time JD student who is the first in their family to receive a college degree.
  • Parrillo CPS Scholarship Fund: Given to an entering student who demonstrated exceptional academic performance. The recipient must also have attended a Chicago Public School for at least two years.
  • Child and Family Law Fellowship: Eight to ten fellowships are awarded annually to full-time entering JD students through a competitive selection process.
  • Health Law Fellowship: The Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy at Loyola University Chicago School of Law offers fellowships to entering students who are interested in health law.
  • Intellectual Property Fellowship: In addition to a monetary scholarship received as IP fellows, recipients are admitted to the specialized IP Legal Writing Section; this provides students with the unusual opportunity to learn about IP during their first year of law school.
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