Keeping up with Keala: Favorite Things About Loyola

Keeping up with Keala
This week I will be highlighting my two favorite things about Loyola: student involvement and the Law Library.

Student Involvement
As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Loyola offers many opportunities to be involved on campus. As a 1L, your first priority should be studying and getting the hang of law school, but don’t limit yourself. You know better than anyone what you can handle. Getting involved in student organizations is a great way to meet other 1Ls outside of your section and upper class students with similar interests. Within each organization, there are also several leadership opportunities. Most clubs have 1L Section Representatives that act as liaisons between their classmates and the executive board of that particular organization. Section Representatives are usually selected through an application process in which you submit a general application along with a statement of interest. If you are interested in becoming an officer of that club within your law school career, being a Section Representative can be a great introduction to a leadership role.

Favorite Study Spot!
Most of my time is spent in the Law Library, in particular, on the fourth floor at the tables against the window.

The Law Library is three levels and is on the third, fourth and fifth floors. Every floor has tables, study cubicles and computers and printers. Additionally, each floor has independent study rooms that are useful for group study sessions. The third floor also has research librarians that specialize in legal research who can help you find what you’re looking for; they are very friendly and know everything, and they love helping! The third floor is slightly nosier and allows for students to discuss freely, whereas the fourth and fifth floors request that students study quietly. The Law Library is a great place to get work done. Unlike at home, where you are constantly tempted with distraction, the library provides a stimulating environment where everyone is quietly doing their work, so it forces you to be productive. One the best things about the library is that you can eat in it! Many students either bring home-lunch or run across the street to any of the many eateries to grab a meal and eat while studying.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog!

Loxley Keala is a 1L at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.  She is blogging about the journey of her first year of law school. To search all posts written by her search the Loxley category on the right hand side. Questions for Loxley? Email with the subject “Ask Loxley” and she will make sure to answer them in a future post.

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